The Third Age

From deep under the mountains of the north the Dwarves forged a mighty kingdom. Two hundred and seventy three years after the fall of the Orcish Empire of Avvond. The Dwarven Thane, Ebered Ironforge united all the clans under the mountains and began to expand to the surface. Slowly the Kingdom of Thrakdul spread across the land. An industrious and serious people, the Dwarven society was a complex system of castes and classes. This created some of the most impressive stone based architecture. Most townships were dominated by the large Dwarven cathedrals dedicated to.

The complex caste system of the dwarves survives to this day. As does a little of the past animosity between the dwarves and other cultures. All those not of dwarven decent were placed in a low caste with little chance to improve their standing in the society. Thus as the Kingdoms power waned the local peoples shed the dwarven systems and forced most dwarves back north to the mountains. Some were not so kind.

Over the years tensions have cooled with all but the long lived Elves. Who widened the rift between the two cultures when their people came to power.

Dwarven city

The Third Age

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