The First Age

First of the known ages. The age of the dragon kings is one of the most tumultuous eras in recorded history. It is said by scholars that Berylnaxus a red dragon of great power was the first of the dragon kings. Berylnaxus was driven with the ambition of becoming a god. To that end he subdued all the intelligent beings in lands. Set them to creating a massive hoard of gold, silver and precious stones.

As time passed more dragons began to take a hand in sculpting the territories that they presided over. Ithreynell the Blue, Netheranastisia the Silver, and Eranaxus the Gold are among the most remembered from the age of the dragon kings.

The humanoid races received most of the attention from the dragon rulers. Being able to be organized and controlled. There were many dragon kings throughout the age. Some benevolent some tyrannical. Through the years the dragons taught the fledgling races intricate speaking methods and how to organize themselves. Most scholars believe this is the basis of the culture that all the predominate races now live by.

It was the Orcs who were first to free themselves from the chains of the dragon kings. The orc rebellion was the begining of the end of the age of the dragon kings.

The First Age

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