The Baron's Alehouse

Owner : Omen Elish


Breakfast: none
Lunch: none
Dinner: Roasted pork with dried beetroot. 1 SP

The Baron’s Ale 1 SP
Farmer’s Water (beer) 3 CP
Beecher’s Stout 1 SP
Hot Hand Spirits 5 SP
Knight’s Brew 1 GP
Wine 2 GP

Whole sale:
Beer by the keg: 5 GP – 20 GP
Wine By the Bottle: 20 GP – 500 GP

Witha: Female Human Fighter, Good. Witha is short, with copper hair and narrow green eyes. She wears splint mail and wields a fauchard-fork.
Bali: Female Dwarf Entertainer, Evil. Bali has a long face, with tangled black hair and sharp brown eyes. She wears modest garments and several pouches hang from her belt. Bali seeks revenge against the sister who betrayed her.
Inron: Male Elf Fighter, Good. Inron has long black hair and hazel eyes. He wears banded mail and wields a two-handed sword. Inron compulsively looks under objects.

The cat at The Wise Woman is actually a polymorphed wizard
Dwarven miners have unwittingly unleashed an evil curse in The Broken Vale
The town of Greensward has been destroyed by fire

The Baron's Alehouse

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