Greyhound's Folly

Owner: Latinu Rayingstone


Urdund: Female Dwarf Cleric, Neutral. Urdund is thin, with copper hair and hazel eyes. She wears plate mail and wields a mace. Urdund suffers a paralyzing fear of swords and blades.

Erix Nordaye: Female Human Professional, Evil. Erix has braided silver hair and dark gray eyes, and a malevolent smile. She wears well-made clothing and a mink fur cape. Erix has an animal companion, a red fox named Ware.

Celaser: Female Elf Peasant, Good. Celaser has tangled silver hair and light gray eyes, and small ears. She wears plain clothing and a gray cloak. Celaser is loyal and heroic.

Greyhound's Folly

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