Auchester Shops, Traders and Market Stalls

Mellor’s Vault
This two story building houses a secure shop as the bottom floor. Several signs notify the customer that many magic enchantments are active and to ask a clerk for assistance if interested in any item.

Auchester General Goods
This large warehouse has been converted into a general store. It is well stocked and kept in order by the Hinaarr Family. It mostly stocks goods for the town proper and the outlying farmsteads.

Varin’s Arcane Goods
This doorway to this small house is charred as if burnt many times. Inside there is a small shop with many odds and ends.

The Wise Woman
A manor house converted into a herbal and potion shop. What once must have been the manor grounds is now covered in a wide variety of plants, shrubs, and small trees. There is a multitude of scents and a vibrant display of colors. Inside the shop are all manner of ingredients.

Three Owls Trading Co
The premier traading company in the kingdom has a small chapter house in Auchester. All manner of goods can be purveyed from all reaches of the kingdom. The house receives one shipment a month.

The Scythe and Threshing Flail
This Barn just outside the Auchester city center provides mostly farming and mining goods. It also deals in livestock and horses.

Monrick the Merchant
Monrick has been a local peddler of small renown for over a decade. He visits about once every three months from some “adventure” with all manner of trinkets and odd goods. Sells his wares for about a week. Then moves on to the next “Adventure”. One thing is for certain though he has never missed a Sun Day Celebration in all the years he has been in business.

Kel’Ilyed of the East
A relatively new vendor. Kel’Ilyed Hails from the east and brings mostly clothing and jewelry items. He also deals in antiquities and some magical items. He usually is in Auchester once or twice a year. Sets up shop for about a month at a time and then moves on.

Pott’s Baked Goods
Pott is a large local woman who makes the best breads, pastries and cakes. She offers pastries in the morning, and Breads and Cakes in the afternoon and evening out of her market stall. She sometimes works with Alleia of The Wise Woman to create special dishes.

Mother Mary’s Meat Pies
Always at odds with Pott. At her market stall Mary makes meat pies all during the day. Many of the inns and Taverns will supplement their kitchens with some of Mother Mary’s Pies.

Farmer’s Market Stalls
A wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables can be found the many farm stalls. The valley is bountiful, and many hunters and trappers also use the stall to sell their harvested meats and furs.

Auchester Shops, Traders and Market Stalls

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