Auchester Guilds, Temples, and Libraries

Traveler’s Guildhall
Known throughout the kingdom the Travelers guildhall in Auchester is a three story inn and tavern style building right next to the market square. The bottom floor houses a tavern labeled “The Traveler’s Revelry”. Serves food and drink to the guild members. The upper two floors labeled “The Traveler’s Rest”, Holds almost two dozen rooms. Again for guild members.

Merchant’s Guildhall
The Merchant’s guildhall is a large longhouse style building. the inside is one large meeting hall. The Merchant meet once a month to discuss local issues. The current officers are at the guildhall during the day and can take care of day to day guild business.

Miner’s Guildhall
A small squat stone building is the seat of the Miner’s guildhall. The Miner’s meet every fortnight to discuss local business.

Logger’s and Trapper’s Guildhall
This log cabin houses the Loggers and trappers guild. There is one officer at this building during the day. The loggers and trappers meet once every two months or so to discuss business.

Minstrel’s Guild Auditorium
This Large Building houses the guild house and the performance auditorium for the bards and local artists. The Auditorium is clean if spartan. As well as the accommodations in tha back of the building. Regular performances are held two or three time a ten day. Local talent offers up an ever changing line up of entertainment. New blood is always welcome to add new spice to the regular acts.

Auchester Town Guard Barracks
The Guard Barracks house the main defense and police force for the town of Auchester. This stone keep used to belong to an old noble who one tried to split the Auchester region off from the kingdom of Darrowcrown. After his capture and seizure of his assets. The town guard set up in this defensible building.

Chapel of the Sun
The Chapel of the Sun is the largest of the temples in the church district of Auchester. It can hold over a hundred of the faithful at a time. it offers several sermons a day and helps organize most of the local holidays. Even ones not specifically dictated by the scriptures of the Sun.

Temple of Nature
Several small greens dot the town of Auchester. In one such in the Church District the is a small grove surrounded buy standing stones. The grove-shrine to Nature is found there. The opposite of the hustle and bustle of the Chapel of the Sun. This small shrine sees only tens of people a day to offer up their respects and prayers. Quiet and serine is the grove. But not less important to the people who rely on the land to survive.

Cathedral of the Just
This dower solemn building also doubles as the courthouse of the town. The justice bringers house a small chapter house in the building as well.

The Scriptorium
The only fully dedicated library in the town. The Scriptorium is full of bookshelves and house a surprising amount of knowledge for a merchants collection. The Scriptorium keeper has a keen eye.

Auchester Hose of Records
The House of records has all the official documentation for the region.

Milburry’s Odds and Ends
This Shop has a large assortment of exotic items. Many kept on shelves with no discernible order. The shop keeper has a small library in the back of his shop with some texts on esoteric subjects.

Auchester Guilds, Temples, and Libraries

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