Auchester Craftsman, Smiths and Trainers

Ettas The Carpenter and Cooper
Ettas operates from his home and workshop. A lavishly designed showpiece of his skill and passion. Numerous masterwork carvings adorn his walls, as well as many a sturdy chair or table. Ettas is also the only cooper in town. and the ale houses and brewery keep him busy.

Asgrim’s Carts and Wagons
Asgrim’s stable lies at the edge of the town of Auchester. There he make and repairs wagons, carts or carriages. He also breeds and trains horses and oxen. The stable can house up to a dozen animals. Stabling services are also available.

If the Key Fits
Tal Inge is the only resident locksmith in Auchester. The outside of his small shop is unadorned and drab. But when inside the customer is bombarded at every corner by lock after lock after lock. Master Tal is quite proud of his work and will take an opportunity to boast about it.

The Red Dragon Flagon
This Large stone building was once the old town guard barracks. Now it houses the largest brewery in town. The red dragon flagon sells its brew mostly to the town folk in Auchester. But some of the local peddlers have bought a cask or two and taken it on their journeys.

The Local Leather Works
This small shack is located on the outskirts of Auchester. The Leather Works dels in all manner of leather goods. Saddles, Armor, Straps, Bags, Water skins. It also will sometime set up at one of the market stalls in the market district. But if you need any leather good you can visit the shop directly.

Garren Graniteshield
This smithy is located underground. The shop is located above the smith itself. The common room is always a bit warm. Garren Graniteshield is a Dwarf from the north. The shop has all manner of masterwork weapons and armor. You can also commission the smith to produce a special item.

The Hammer and Anvil
This open air smith tends to the day to day need of the populace. It is located adjacent to the market square. It also has a shop where you can buy weapons and armor. The smith also takes on apprentices as well.

Jewel of the South
Radabahn Maintains a small shop for jewelry.

Arcemedes Academy
The academy is a small tower once used by a wizard of old. Now long forgotten. The three story structure houses a school, arcanium, and small library. Those who want to learn the arcane arts are welcome. The school on the bottom floor is attended by the auchester youth.

The Blade
The grounds of an old manor house. The Blade has taken the central garden and sown it with dirt and sand. The Blade is a training house for Town guard, as well as any who wish to have more individual attention. Lessons can be taken throughout the year.

Grove of Solitude
A lone Elven Monk of the South has taken this green and turned it into a small grotto. A small copse of trees are the walls and a pool of water rests in the middle of the grove. The Monk is there most days and will teach his ways to those of an open mind. Asked many times why he came to AIchester. He replies " The Path will be needed here someday. so I have come."

Knights of the Vale, Auchester Chapter House
This Chapter house is also the home of Dalimyr Farstrider. Noble of Auchester, Captain of the Knights of the Vale. A large manor house, Much like the Blade, the Grounds of the manor have been churned up by horses. The Knights of the Vale hold training here and also hold jousts to earn coin for their cause. The knights are willing to teach horsemanship and martial arts for a price. People of noble origin are also able to join the knighthood.

Auchester Craftsman, Smiths and Trainers

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