The Tyrant's Blade

In search of the Ring of Algalan
The Old Elven Wizard seeks the ring

Yanos and Tommy, reach the town of Kellenale to seach for the ring of Algalan. Yanos heads to the Agriculteral temple. Then decides to heat to a tavern and Tommy heads to Gimhilde’s Shop of Oddities. Yanos opens the door and states who wants to make some coin. Goes to the Cellar of the Cat burglar named the safe. Behind the bar is a dwarven barkeep. Yanos orders an exotic beverage. The bartender, gives him the Sunspire Shooter. Yanos likes the warm flavor and the Sensation of heat through his body. Tommy talks to gimhilde who is from the southern area of the continent. Gimhilde does not know of the ring but directs tommy to the temple of the sun, and talk to Adnan. Yanos

The Exit of Corridrons Pass

The Forgotten Past A new Adventuring band Has been traveling through Corridons pass for a few days when the rock slide forced them to hasten out of the mountains. They travel south for three days to the Watchtower of Dilendel where they rested for a night and continued south to Auchester. When they reached Auchester they traveled to the Bronze Wand Inn. When they entered the common room was bustling and there were three tables lpaying a game callled twenty bone. The group plays for hours and at the end of the night Obmanshiek tails home a high roller.

To Duvak

The Party Gets a job from the Traveler’s Guild in the City of Tirastir to go to the Small mining village of Duvak and investigate why the shipments of silver that the guild is owed are not coming in. The village is located on in the last of a series of mountain glades on the way to Auchester through Corridron’s pass. After buying supplies, two carts and some horses with the seventy five gold advance from the guild the crew heads out.

The journey takes the group; Graddock the Half-orc fighter, Ferel the Elven rogue, Aravar Elven Cleric of Correleon, Neleyna the Human Bard, And Sylvester Noble Human Scion and Scorcerer to the southern reaches of the Kingdom of Darrowcrown. To the Auchester valley they are headed. The trip take several weeks. The time spent on the roads passes peacefully. The weather if fair and the roads are in good condition. To get to the Auchester Valley the group must traverse a series of mountain passes. On the day the village of Duvak becomes visible the clouds roll in and it begins to rain.

As the group approaches the village, they notice a guard. The keen eyes of the group notice it is a woman dressed in ill fitting armor. The guard stops the group keeping her distance and tell the party to stay out of Duvak, for a plague has descended upon the village. The party explains it is there to see why the silver stopped shipping and to help if possible with any problems. The guard leads the group to the entrance of the mines and a woman standing in front of the open mineshaft. The woman identifies herself as Arianna Tungstan, the wife of the chief miner Jacen Tungstan. She is re leaved the group is there to help. Arianna informs the party that some monsters have taken over the mine and she believes that they are the source of the plague that ails Duvak. She also implores the party to look for her husband who has not returned from a foray into the mine. The party agrees to look for Jacen and try to eliminate the monster incursion.

They head into the mine, follow the first shaft to an intersection. There they see a couple of ovrturned carts. Graddock notices the cart were used as cover in a defense of the mine. There is body pinned under the carts with the legs jutting out. Graddock moves the carts to get to the body triggering a trap dropping a thunderstone and making a cacophonous clap throughout the mine.

The group searches the area and find out the body belongs to the chief miner Jacen. They also find some valuable silver ore.

The group starts to head further into the mine and have two choices on where to go. Ferel hears noises from the far exit and the group rallies to investigate. they head into a kobald ambush. Eight kobald crossbowman hiding behind two overturned tables. Graddock charges in to close to melee. Aravar changes after to help and gets shot twice by the kobalds and later succumbs to his injuries. Neleyna tries to help Aravar but is stuck in the side by a crossbow bolt and is barely able to stay conscious. One of the kobalds survives and escapes into a chamber further in the mines.

The party shell shocked and wounded heads out of the mines and heads to the village of Duvak. During their time in the mine the weather outside has gotten worse and a thunderstorm has descended on Corridron’S pass. Sylvester stays back at the wagon to make sure it will be safe. Graddock carries Neleyna, and Ferel carries the body of his brother Aravar to the inn

They enter the Inn, and are Able to get father Samuel to heal Neleyna. Ferel, after talking to father Samuel, is able to have Aravar’s Body cared for until he can take it to Auchester. After a nights stay in the town of Duvak the party heads back to the mines to take revenge for Aravar and free the village from the grip of the Burning Plague . . .


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