The Sixth Age

About one hundred years ago the emperor of Nerath could no longer exert control of the provinces of the empire. After a decade of civil war the empire was no more. The Empire Splintered into a hundred or so fifes and regional kingdoms. Though the years following the fall were turbulent, the last decade or so has been relatively quiet. The continent now dominated by thirteen distinct Kingdoms and a handful of independent city-states.

Kingdom of Edderalli

Kingdom Agroveth

Magiocracy of Miatram

Theocracy of Thaokoth

Kingdom of Rian

Kingdom of Wayfalls

Kingdom of Ocridide

Kingdom of Darrowcrown

Kingdom of Elaydric

Kingdom of Alorwen

Kingdom of Groaric

Theocracy of Vores

Kingdom of Caddirash

The Sixth Age

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