Campaign race background

Dwarf: Deep in the North mountains the ancient Dwarven Kingdom of Thrakdul. Standing for hundreds of years it is a beacon of civilization in the harsh cold of the north. Clans have splintered off of the great kingdom and moved south over the years. Bringing these stout warriors with them.

Elf: The Elves once had a sprawling empire of their own. Faranell was a great woodland realm expanding almost and entire continent. It is said even now that all the wilderness in the world was once part of Faranell. It has been well over a thousand years since that time. The elves have harbored themselves in the large woodlands of the world. Keeping mostly to the woodlands few are seen outside their forested depths.

Gnome: Found in almost any woodland in the realms. Gnomes prefer to be unnoticed by the rest of the world. They often form small hamlets near other larger settlements.

Half-Elf: In the time of the great Elven empire of Faranell the elves forged strong alliances with the human race. Half-Elves are the product of this long ago alliance.

Halfling: The nomadic race. Halflings clans are in a state of perpetual motion. Traveling the entire of the continent they only halt when the encounter another clan. In this case there is a week long festival before they continue their unending journey.

Half-Orc: Barely tolerated by most of the civilized races. The half-orc is an outcast in most circles. The Halflings are the most accepting of the half-orc. Few band together unless found in the company of the Orcs.

Human: The most recent Empire was dominated by the human race almost one hundred years ago. It has since split into a myriad of city-states and kingdoms. Still the most numerous of the races in the land, though not by much. Recent years have seen numerous attempts to revive the Old Empire of the Nerath.

Campaign race background

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