The Tyrant's Blade

In search of the Ring of Algalan

The Old Elven Wizard seeks the ring

Yanos and Tommy, reach the town of Kellenale to seach for the ring of Algalan. Yanos heads to the Agriculteral temple. Then decides to heat to a tavern and Tommy heads to Gimhilde’s Shop of Oddities. Yanos opens the door and states who wants to make some coin. Goes to the Cellar of the Cat burglar named the safe. Behind the bar is a dwarven barkeep. Yanos orders an exotic beverage. The bartender, gives him the Sunspire Shooter. Yanos likes the warm flavor and the Sensation of heat through his body. Tommy talks to gimhilde who is from the southern area of the continent. Gimhilde does not know of the ring but directs tommy to the temple of the sun, and talk to Adnan. Yanos


Tammarcas Tammarcas

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